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Showroom & Studio

Our goal is to enhance the celebration of daily life and enrich its simple joys. There is an intimate connection between human hands when we use pots, a shared moment that often seems increasingly absent in our lives.

All of the pottery produced by Ray Pottery is handmade by the husband and wife team of Paul and Sheila Ray. It is either thrown on a potters' wheel, slab built or extruded. It is then fired in a kiln, which uses propane for fuel, to 2350 degrees Fahrenheit. Glazes are applied by a combination of dipping and spraying. Some of the stoneware glazes we use are:

Ash Glaze - Known for their subtle colors and mottled surface effects, ash glazed are the first glazes to be formulated by Chinese potters. We use pine and oak ashes, collected from a wood burning kiln.

Copper Red - Copper red is achieved by adding a small amount of copper carbonate (usually .25% to .5%) along with tin oxide to a glaze and then firing it in a reducing atmosphere. Copper reds were first developed by Chinese potters over 1000 years ago and were commonly referred to as "oxblood".